Collaborative Care Consultants will provide professional, timely and cost-effective services to support your practice with top-notch case development. The following are some of our major services:

..Case Screening

Medical and nursing related cases for merit.

Identifying causation and resulting damages or injuries to strengthen your case.

Identifying and recommending defendants and witnesses.

Review of Records

Obtain relevant medical records, hospital policies and procedures and other guidelines.
Organize, tab, paginate and bind the medical record in such a way as to provide a readily accessible resource.

Thoroughly review the medical record and any other pertinent documents to identify adherence or deviation from applicable standards of care or breech of duty.

Literature Search

Research to provide a strong theoretical foundation for case development.
Integration of supportive guidelines into case analysis to facilitate accuracy of interpretation of the case.

Recognition of conflicting studies and opinions which may interfere with case clarity.

Report Writing

Clear and concise summary of the medical record relevant to your case.
Written reports for your use as study tools to enhance your understand of the medical aspects of the case.
Timelines or chronologies as appropriate.

Questions for interrogatories or depositions.

Expert Witness Search

Identification of type of expert witness needed to provide informed opinions for your case.
Locate and interface with the expert to help prepare for deposition and trial.

Analyze and compare expert witness reports and other work products for strong case presentation.

Criminal/Forensic Services

Assessment of records and identification of victims of sexual assault, physical assault, abuse or homicide.
Identification of injuries and/or death.
Collection of evidence, evaluation if already done.
Scientific investigation.
Analysis and reporting in crime or death related cases.